Landscape, Sports Fields, Playgrounds & Ice Rinks Design, Construction, Equipment Supply & Installation for ...

Govern, Municipal, Sports, Private Commercial & Residential Sectors.

Landscape Design & Complete Beautification:

• Landscaping;
• Outdoor Structures with Modular Coverings;
• Design Patio Umbrellas, Shade Sails & Awnings;
• Garden & Beach Furniture;
• Tents & Camping Equipment;
• Filtration, Irrigation, Fertilization, Drainage, Aeration & Purification Systems.

Outdoor & Indoor Athletic Fields, Ice Rinks, Sport Courts & Playgrounds:

• Tennis Courts;
• Table Tennis Tables;
• Basketball Courts;
• Volleyball Courts;
• Badminton Courts;
• Soccer Courts;
• Futsal Courts;
• In-Line Hockey Rinks;
• Multi-Sport Courts;
• Mini Golf Courses;
• Synthetic Ice Rinks;
• Gymnastics Equipment & Accessories;;
• Trampolines, Tumbling Equipment & Accessories;
• Playgrounds, Playground Equipment & Accessories;
• Modular Floorings, Wood Flooring, Synthetic Turf, Surface Tiles & Impact Protection Layers.




Modern Greenhouse Solutions
Müasir istixana sistemləri
Современные тепличные системы

Greenhouse Systems Consultancy, Greenhouse Turn-key Project Installation, Total Management & After Sales Technical Support, Grow Consultancy and etc..

Professional Automatic (Smart) Irrigation Solutions for ...
Avtomatik suvarma sistemi ...
Система автоматического полива ...

Govern, Municipal, Sports, Private Commercial, Residential & Agricultural Sectors.

Professional Automatic (Smart) Irrigation Directions:

• Golf Course Irrigation;
• Landscape Irrigation;
• Agricultural Irrigation on Travelers, Solid-Set & Pivot Systems;
• Municipal, Commercial & Residential Irrigation;
• Sports (Athletic) Fields Irrigation, Cooling & Dust Suppression;
• Feed Lots Irrigation;
• Log Irrigation;
• Industrial Dust Suppression;
• Waste Water Removal;
• Industrial De-icing.

Professional Automatic (Smart) Irrigation Controls:
Avtomatik Suvarma Ağıllı İdarəetmə Kontrolleri:
Умные системы управления поливом:

• Stand-alone Control;
• Central Control;
• Single User / Single Site Control;
• Multiple Users / Multiple Sites Control.

Professional Automatic (Smart) Irrigation, 'Two-Wire' & 'Three-Wire' System Decoder Based Irrigation & Conventional Automatic Irrigation Applications:

• Cloud (Web) Based Automatic Irrigation & Control;
• Weather Based Automatic Irrigation & Control;
• Environmental Sensors Based Automatic Irrigation & Control;
• Time Based Automatic Irrigation & Control.

Professional Automatic (Smart) Irrigation Services:
Peşəkar avtomatik suvarma sistemi ilə bağlı xidmətlər:
Услуги по системам автоматического полива:

• Professional Irrigation Project Specification Sales & Consultancy;
• Professional Irrigation System Engineering Planning, Design, Integration, Supervision & Management;
• Professional Irrigation System Support, Repair & Maintenance;
• Advanced Automatic (Smart) Irrigation Control Programming.

Sports (Athletic) Fields Irrigation:

Natural & Artificial Turf Fields Irrigation & Cooling:
Təbii və Süni Qazon Suvarma Sistemi:
Система полива натурального и искусственного газона:

• Golf Courses;
• Soccer Fields;
• AFL & Rugby Fields;
• Tennis Courts;
• Hockey Fields;
• Riding Arenas;
• Race Tracks.

Landscape Irrigation:
Landşaft Suvarma Sistemi:
Система ландшафтного полива:

• Parks Irrigation;
• Gardens Irrigation;
• Roadway Sides Irrigation;
• Special Areas Irrigation.

Agricultural Irrigation:
Kənd Təsərrüfatı Təyinatlı Suvarma Sistemi:
Система орошения сельскохозяйственного назначения:

Open Air & Closed Type Plantations Irrigation:
Açıq Sahə və Qapalı Tipli Plantasiyalar üçün Suvarma Sistemi:
Система полива открытого и закрытого типа плантаций:

• Trees & Bushes;
• Vegetables;
• Flowers;
• Greenhouses;
• Botanic Gardens.

Professional Weather Instruments for ...

Govern, Municipal, Sports, Private Commercial, Residential & Agricultural Sectors.

Professional Weather Monitoring, Nutrient Management, Plant Health, Soil & Water Products:

• Professional Grade Cabled & Wireless Full, Mini & Micro Weather (Meteorological) Stations;
• Soil Moisture / EC / Temperature Sensors;
• Cellular, Satellite & Direct Connection Units;
• Weather Trackers;
• Climate Sensors;
• Environmental Meters;
• Data Loggers;
• Weather Trackers;
• Weather, Climate & Environmental Control, Reporting & Management Software;
• Field Area Special Lighting Products;
• Remote Cameras for Field Supervision, Security & Crop Growth Observation;
• Other Weather Products & Accessories.




Professional Lighting & Media/Video Illumination Solutions for ...

Govern, Municipal, Sports, Private Commercial & Residential Sectors.

Professional Lighting & Media/Video Illumination Directions:

• Media/Video Illumination;
• Dynamic & Static Lighting;
• Dark Lighting;
• Lighting Controls;
• Digital LED & LCD Displays;
• LED & LCD Display Controls.

Professional Lighting & Media/Video Illumination Services:

• Professional Lighting, Media/Video & Control Consultancy, Specification Sales;
• Professional Illumination Backup Application Engineering Design, Technical Concept, Creative 3D Design & Visualization;
• Light & Media/Video Show Project Pre-programming;
• Professional Lighting & Media/Video Project
• Professional Lighting, Media/Video & Control Systems Planning, Integration, Support & Management.

Professional Outdoor & Indoor Lighting, Media/Video Products:

• LED Drivers, Power Supply Units & Accessories;
• Professional Architectural & Entertainment Lighting & Media/Video Electronic Control Products;
• Professional Wireless Lighting Controls for Architecture, Entertainment & Architainment;
• Professional Architectural & Entertainment Rechargeable, Portable Cordless Lighting Systems.

Architectural, Creative & Urban Lighting & Media/Video Application Areas:

• UNESCO World Heritage Sites;
• Architectural Structures;
• Building Façade;
• Building Roof;
• Building Edge;
• Bridges;
• Site & Area;
• Tight Spaces;
• Street & Road;
• Conservation Areas & Objects;
• Historical Buildings;
• Flag Poles & Symbols;
• Channel Letters;
• Monuments;
• Religious;
• Houses of Worship;
• Resorts & Theme Parks;
• Museums & Amusement;
• Tunnel & Subway;
• Airports;
• Railway Stations;
• Sports Facilities;
• Schools & Universities;
• Training Centers;
• Exhibit;
• Industrial;
• Safety;
• Warehouses;
• Petroleum & Convenience Store;
• Civic & Convention Centers;
• Corporate Campuses;
• Healthcare;
• Auto Dealership;
• Parking Structure;
• Pedestrian;
• Restaurants & Hospitality;
• Trade Centers;
• Retail & Grocery;
• Shopping Centers;
• Landscape & Garden;
• Fountain, Pool & Pond;
• Steps & Hand Rail;
• Forms & Shapes;
• Signage;
• Jewelry;
• Courtesy;
• Antique;
• Yachts & Boats;
• Deep Water & Marine;
• Floor & Back Lighting;
• Decor;
• Solar;
• Tailor Made, Custom & Special.

Entertainment Lighting & Media/Video Application Areas:

• Arena & Concert Halls;
• Bars, Night Clubs;
• Theatre;
• Stage & Scene;
• Studio;
• Places of Art;
• Places of Fun;
• Props & Animatronics;
• Special Events;
• Gaming & Attractions;
• Show & Spectaculars;
• Tailor Made, Custom & Decorative.

Special Technology Wireless Lighting Control Systems for ...

Architectural, Entertainment & Architainment Lighting & Media Applications:

• CRMX® Technology Wireless Lighting Control System for Indoor Entertainment Lighting;
• CRMX® Technology Wireless Lighting Control System for Harshest Outdoor Architectural & Architainment Lighting;
• CRMX® Unity™ Concept for Complete Cross-Protocol Wired (Cabled) & Wireless Data Networks & Various Wireless Systems Integrated Most Complicated Lighting Control Applications;
• CRMX® Technology Complete Lighting Control Management Software;
• Wireless & Wired Lighting Control System Design, Installation & Commissioning.






Exclusive distributor of Perrot® - Regnerbau Calw GmbH: The Professionals of Turf Irrigation™ - Professional Sports (Athletic) Fields Automatic (Smart) Irrigation & Cooling, Municipal, Commercial, Residential & Agricultural Irrigation, Industrial & Roads Dust Suppression, Waste Water Removal and De-icing Systems in territory of Azerbaijan.

NEW!!! Perrot® VP3 - The Innovative Unique 'Enclosed Piston Drive', 'Valve-in-Head', 'Sector Scout' & 'Multi-Nozzle' Technologies, the Perfect All-in-One Pop-up Sprinkler with Economic Water Consumption, Longest Casting Range and Excellent Uniform Water Distribution, Designed & Engineered Specially for Coverage of the Sports Fields Completely from the Sidelines without Any Sprinkler Inside the Playing Area Invisible Underground Installations in Artificial Turf Cooling & Natural Turf Irrigation, as well as the Race Tracks & Sandy Fields Dust Suppression Applications

Perrot® Turf Irrigation
Perrot® Pop-up Sprinklers

Perrot® LVZ Series Professional Impact Lever Pop-up Sprinklers

Natural Turf Sports Field Playing Area Irrigation Application with Perrot® Professional LVZR/RVR Model Impact Lever Pop-up Sprinkler

Perrot® HYDRA Series Professional Turbine Drive Pop-Up Sprinklers

Natural Turf Irrigation Application with Perrot® Professional HYDRA-M Model Turbine Drive Pop-up Sprinkler

Perrot® Sports Field Professional Irrigation Pop-up Sprinkler Lids

Perrot® VP2M Professional Piston Drive Pop-up Sprinkler

Perrot® Synthetic Turf Athletic Field VP2M Lateral Line Professional Impact Pop-up Sprinkler Irrigation Application

Perrot® P2 Series Professional Piston Drive Sprinkler Guns

Perrot® P2 Model Sprinkler Gun for Industrial Dust Suppression Applications

Perrot® P2 Model Sprinkler Gun for Dust Suppression & De-icing Applications Mounted on Heated & Unheated IS Control Stations

Perrot® LVZE 22 HB Model Sprinkler for De-icing Applications with Special Insulation & Integrated Heating System for Operation at Temperatures Down to -25°C

Perrot® AD-Nozzle Traversable

Perrot® WaterControl™ SC - New Edition, Precise 24-Zone Irrigation Controller for Sports Fields

Perrot® GreenKeeper & Satellite Decoder Control Systems

Perrot® Solenoid Valves

Perrot® Applications
Perrot® Soccer Fields
Perrot® Golf Courses
Perrot® Hockey Fields
Perrot® Tennis Courts
Perrot® Riding Arenas
Perrot® Race Tracks

Perrot® Mobile Irrigation

Perrot® RollCarT-V

Perrot® HoseCar

Perrot® Services

Perrot® Sprinklers
Perrot® Sprinkler Program
Perrot® Flat Coupling
Perrot® Tripod

Perrot® brand products are the only one best and most appropriate solutions designed and manufactured especially for sports (athletic) fields irrigation, cooling & dust suppression purposes, meeting all the criteria of world's leading sports associations for natural & artificial turf fields irrigation & cooling, sports races and industrial dust suppression & de-icing applications.

About Regnerbau Calw GmbH



Exclusive distributor of Signature® Control Systems - Superior Quality Professional Golf, Commercial: Municipal, Sports & Residential Irrigation Systems in territory of Azerbaijan.

Signature® Golf Satellite Controllers - Electric
Signature® Golf Satellite Controllers - Hydraulic
Signature® Golf Satellite Controllers - Decoders

Signature® Golf Central Control Systems

Signature® Golf QUANTUM™ Series Valves

Signature® Professional Golf Rotors

Signature® Golf Rotor Conversion Kits for Various Rotor Models of Different Manufacturers

Signature® Flow Meters & Flow Sensors

Signature® Irrigation Accessories

Intelligence • Information • Irrigation™

SCS-Share™ is an Internet-based central control system used with various Signature® controllers. It communicates with irrigation field controllers using wireless connectivity, and allows remote management of controller from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

Signature® Share™ - Online Central Control via iOS/Android Device

Signature® Share™ - Remote Irrigation Control of Single Site by Single User

Signature® Share™ - Remote Irrigation Control of Multiple Sites by Multiple Users

Signature® Commercial: Municipal, Sports & Residential Turf Satellite Controllers

Signature® Commercial: Municipal, Sports & Residential Turf Central Control Systems

Signature® Share™ Controllers

Signature® Commercial: Municipal, Sports & Residential Remote Access Point Turf Controllers

Signature® Commercial: Municipal, Sports & Residential Turf Valves

Signature® Wireless Remote Sensor Gateways, Field Repeaters & Access Point Field Actuators

Signature® SoloRain®: Special Technology IP68 Rated Battery Operated Remote Controllable Valve Actuators & Single/Multi Valve Controllers

Signature® Innovative Turf Sprays and Multi-Arc, Matched Precipitation Fixed Spray & Special Pattern Nozzles

Signature® iStop™ Technology Demonstration

Signature® Commercial: Municipal, Sports & Residential Turf Rotors

Signature® Commercial: Municipal, Sports & Residential Turf Impact Rotors

Signature® Micro Irrigation

Signature® Quick Coupling Valves, Valve Key & Key Swivel

About Signature Control Systems, Inc.



Exclusive Partner of CHAMSA® & URAPIVOT® - Central Pivot & Lateral Move Linear Irrigation Systems in territory of Azerbaijan.

CHAMSA® Irrigation Products

URAPIVOT® Center Pivot & Lateral Move Irrigation Machines

URAPIVOT® Center Pivot Irrigation Machines

URAPIVOT® Lateral Move Linear Machines for Rectangular-Shaped Fields

URANET™ - Complete Monitoring & Control for URAPIVOT™

About Grupo Chamartin S.A.



Exclusive Distributor of SENNINGER® - Pivot, Solid Set, Nursery & Greenhouse Irrigation Systems, Leach Mining, Dust Suppression, Dairy & Cattle Cooling Products in territory of Azerbaijan.

SENNINGER® Pivots & Linear Systems
SENNINGER® Solid Set Systems
SENNINGER® Nursery & Greenhouse Systems
SENNINGER® Pressure Regulators
SENNINGER® Flo-Wise Meters
SENNINGER® Software & Tools

SENNINGER® Wobblers & Sprays Family


SENNINGER® Pivot Master Impact Sprinklers

SENNINGER® Mining Products

SENNINGER® Black&White Series Pressure Regulators

SENNINGER® Misters & Foggers

SENNINGER® Low Pressure Sprinklers

SENNINGER® Pivot End Sprays

SENNINGER® WinSIPP2™ Design Software

SENNINGER® IrriExpress™ Design Software

SENNINGER® Irri-Maker™ Design Software

SENNINGER® Pivot Height Analysis Tool

About Senninger Irrigation, Inc.



Exclusive distributor of Komet®: Innovative Irrigation™ - Superior Quality Professional Agricultural Pivot, Traveller, Solid-Set Irrigation Systems, Industrial Dust Suppression, Wetting, Cooling & Waste Water Removal Systems in territory of Azerbaijan.

Komet® TWIN


Komet® Sprinklers

Komet® Precision Twister (KPT) & Precision Spray (KPS)

About Komet Austria GmbH



Exclusive distributor of Weathermatic®: Water Conserving Innovation™ - Superior Quality Professional Automatic Smart Irrigation Systems in territory of Azerbaijan.

Weathermatic® SmartLine® Series Controllers

Weathermatic® SmartLine® SmartWire™ - 2-Wire Decoder & Smart Irrigation Control Module

Weathermatic® ProLine® Series Controllers

Weathermatic® SmartLine® Solar

Weathermatic® Controller Pedestals & Enclosures

Weathermatic® Solenoid Valves

Weathermatic® Weather Stations

Weathermatic® Rain/Freeze Sensors

Weathermatic® Flow Sensors

Weathermatic® SmartLink™ Wireless Landscape Network - A Powerful Collection of Smart Irrigation Products Working Together.

Weathermatic® SmartLink™ Software: Irrigation Control via Computer, Tablet or SmartPhone


Weathermatic® SmartLink™ Software Quick Demo Video

Weathermatic® SmartLink™ AirCards

Weathermatic® Flow Sensors Accessories

Weathermatic® SmartLink™ Hardware

Weathermatic® LX & LXPRS Series Pop-up Sprays

Weathermatic® Adjustable Arc & MPR Nozzles

Weathermatic® Brass Nozzles


Weathermatic® T3/T35 & CT70 Rotors

Weathermatic™ - The Quality Leader in Smart Irrigation.



Authorized distributor of Irritec® - Professional Agricultural, Municipal, Commercial and Residential Irrigation Systems in territory of Azerbaijan.

Irritec® Products

Irritec® - Sprinkling

Irritec® - Automation

Irritec® - FertIrrigation

Irritec® - Filtration

Irritec® - Drip Irrigation

Irritec® - Fittings & Valves

Irritec® - Pipes


Open Field Irrigation

Greenhouse Irrigation

Residential & Commercial Irrigation

About Irritec S.p.A.



Exclusive distributor of LuxR - premium class outdoor, landscape and garden lighting products in territory of Azerbaijan.

LuxR - IP68, fully waterproof rating on all products.

LuxR Micro Range

LuxR Modux 1 Range

LuxR Modux 2 Range

LuxR Modux 4 Range

LuxR Modux V1 Range

LuxR - Contemporary modular light fixtures powered by the LuxR™ light engine.

LuxR Warranty
About LuxR



Exclusive distributor of HUNZA™: Pure New Zealand Light™ exceptional quality outdoor lighting products in territory of Azerbaijan.

HUNZA™ - Products
HUNZA™ - Ground & Deck Mount
HUNZA™ - Pole Mount
HUNZA™ - In-ground & Recessed
HUNZA™ - Step
HUNZA™ - Wall Mount
HUNZA™ - Ceiling Mount
HUNZA™ - Tree Mount
HUNZA™ - Underwater
HUNZA™ - Cube Series
HUNZA™ - High Power

HUNZA™ - Architectural Lighting Products

HUNZA™ - Projects
HUNZA™ - Photo Gallery
HUNZA™ - Videos
HUNZA™ - Lighting Clinic
HUNZA™ - Downloads

HUNZA™ - Light Sources
HUNZA™ - Power Supplies
HUNZA™ - Accessories

HUNZA™ - Warranty
About Hunza



Exclusive distributor of LumenRadio®: Wireless Done Right™ - CRMX Technology Wireless DMX/RDM System for Lighting Control in territory of Azerbaijan.

LumenRadio® CRMX Products for Entertainment and Architainment

LumenRadio® CRMX Nova FX RDM

LumenRadio® CRMX Nova TX2 RDM

LumenRadio® CRMX Nova TX

LumenRadio® CRMX Nova RX RDM

LumenRadio® CRMX Nova RX

LumenRadio® CRMX Slim RX RDM, IP65
LumenRadio® CRMX Slim TX, IP65

LumenRadio® CRMX Outdoor FX RDM, IP67
LumenRadio® CRMX Outdoor RX, IP67

LumenRadio® CRMX Products for Architectural Lighting with Fagerhult's Wireless e-Sense Connect Technology

Wireless e-Sense Connect Technology

LumenRadio® SuperNova
LumenRadio® Unity

The World's First Wireless & Smallest DMX Receiver by LumenRadio® - CRMXchip with size of 6mm x 6mm only

The World's First Wireless & Smallest RDM Receiver by LumenRadio® - CRMX TiMo RX RDM with size of 33.5mm x 18.5mm only

CRMX Mira - The solution to deploying large scale Internet of Things (IoT) installations in machine to machine (M2M) & building communications applications as the new platform for the next generation Internet of Things solutions by LumenRadio®

About LumenRadio AB